Avocados, One of the Ancient Super Foods

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Recipes from YouTube: Avocado Salads and Smoothies
astrid_noer wrote in thesuperavocado

Studies show that avocados are a great salad ingredient not only because they enhance the overall flavor of the salad, but because they increase the body’s ability to absorb lycopene and carotenoids from other salad ingredients like tomatoes and carrots. In this videos, learn how to make two different types of avocado salad, the classic avocado tomato salad, and the unique avocado bread salad. Both salads are great to bring with you when you’re invited over in a potluck or family gathering. The bland taste of avocados makes them blend so well with other flavors of vegetables and condiments. So the combination of flavors is really great. Watch the video for avocado and tomato salad and give the recipe a shot. It is great when you’re planning to have a tacos or tortillas for the night! 

This video shows how to make a unique and amazing salad for potluck or any family gathering, the avocado bread salad! The ingredients used are all unique, savory and nutritious!

Now, smoothies are my top favorites when it comes to avocado preparation. The richness and creaminess of avocados brings a natural ice-cream like texture to the smoothie. With just a few ingredients, you're good to go! Making avocado smoothie is also a very effective way to get the nutrients from avocados. The essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and other nutrients in them are so much easier to absorb in the form of this refreshing drink


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