Avocados, One of the Ancient Super Foods

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[sticky post]One of the Proven and Tested Super foods
astrid_noer wrote in thesuperavocado

Sometime around 12th-16th centuries, a Native American civilization named a green pear-shaped fruit as "ahuacatl" from their own N’ahuatl language. This Aztec word is where avocado got its name. The Aztecs were probably the first people who have found and used this very nutritious fruit. We’re talking about no other than the avocados, also colloquially known as “Alligator Pear”.  Perhaps the Aztecs could testify the goodness of avocados since they were so fond of eating them and turning them into extraordinary dishes like the guacamole.

This is probably why the Aztecs were once the mightiest empire in their time because beneath avocados’ good taste, lies so many powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants. Avocados are considered one of the most nutritious fruits ever and one of the top super foods that could halt the effects of aging. This jam-packed fruit leaves you with an inconceivable health benefit from your head to toe.  Indeed, that’s true and researchers will agree. Let me show you the proofs why avocados are hailed as one of the “proven and tested” super foods since time immemorial. 

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Wow! Fascinating point that lycopene is absorbed so much easier when combined with avocados. That combines two of my salad favorites: tomatoes & avocados!

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